Don’t Forget The Garage Door Alarm!

Are you having a home security system installed at some time in the near future? People are more security conscious than ever these days and home security installations are at all-time highs. Unfortunately, many do-it-yourselfers forget a key entry point when installing their security system themselves. I’m of course talking about the garage.

Forgetting to install a garage door alarm is a common mistake homeowners make when installing security systems themselves.It doesn’t happen as often when a professional company handles the installation because they have more experience in security installs and are aware of what needs to be done to maximize the system’s capabilities.

Why is a Garage Door Alarm Important?

You may be wondering why a garage door alarm is so important. The reason for this is because experienced home intruders understand that homeowners often forget to extend their home security system into the garage area. It’s also quite common for home owners to leave their garage doors open, which is pretty much an open invitation to come in.

Since home intruders prefer as little resistance as possible when breaking into a home, this makes the garage area a preferred entry point.

If you forgot to install a garage alarm when you installed your security system, it’s a simple problem to address. Many garage alarm systems are sold as standalone products that can be purchased separately from an entire home system.

The easiest to install are wireless alarm systems. Try to get one that comes with a battery backup so that your garage will still be secured should power go out. Also, look for a system that will alert you when you leave the garage door open. Many of these systems will send an alert directly to your smart phone so that you can be notified even when you aren’t at home.

Keeping the home and your family safe should be one of your top responsibilities. Installing a home security system is the key step many homeowners take to ensure their family’s safety. Just don’t forget the garage area. As explained above, it needs securing just like the rest of your home.